We all know that brain needs training, and learning is as good for brain as workout for a body. The best possible workout for brain is learning and a good rest, of course. That’s why we provide our users & students with micro-education content instead of classic online courses – micro-courses are highly educating and doesn’t waste your time. We strongly believe it’s more efficient way to remember information. What’s even more important, micro-courses are healthier than classic courses. Here we compiled some proving facts for you. Please enjoy!

The best time to learn is now – your brain keeps developing until your late 40s.

Learning is the only way to improve your brain – when you learn something new, the structure of your brain changes.

The more you learn, the more you remember – new brain connections are created every time you form a memory.

Micro-courses provide you with focused & practical knowledge – deleting unnecessary information is good for nervous system & the brain.

You brain is awesome, so keep it awesome – the 4th most powerful supercomputer in the world took 40 minutes to simulate just one second of human brain activity.

Micro-courses are available online, anytime, anywhere – saving information to a computer makes you less likely to remember it.

Micro-courses teach you, not just inform you – telling students they’ll have to teach something helps them remember it better.

Micro-courses make your dreams awesome – the more you learn, the higher your IQ is. Scientists say the higher your I.Q. the more you dream. Believe me, I dream a lot! 🙂

Give your brain a workout – learn new things in less than 20 minutes!