About two-thirds of responding employees believe that the standard of training and learning provided by their employers, favorably stimulated individual engagement in their work. As the majority of companies recognize, workers who are more involved at work, are usually more productive and also more unlikely to leave on impulse.

A few businesses use employee training software with the expectation of developing better-informed employees. This tactic is beneficial, but it doesn’t always give the instant boost that training departments had in mind. How you utilize employee training software is important. A brilliant, proactive strategy can generate notable outcomes, but this solution alone cannot do everything.

Listed below are the top 3 mistakes that businesses must steer clear of when utilizing an employee training software:


Training processes are seldom permanent; they change as new products are released, techniques develop, technology is modernized, etc. Not being able to update and make improvements to the information sent by the employee training software would mean that the employees are learning things which are actually outdated.

There was a time when upgrading training material was a laborious task. However, modern day solutions make it quite simple. Written documents could be easily modified and instantaneously sent to the devices which the workers will use to view them. Using an iPad makes it easy to create training videos – even the non-tech manager.


Not every worker requires access to each piece of training material. However, with some systems this is a concern. Employees are instructed to read a document but cannot find it among the countless folders and files. They eventually stop trying and choose to wing it.

In addition, with excessive access, the company can easily lose control of content “escaping.” Would you like your training processes in the possession of a competitor? At the same time, when a worker needs or wants to learn something, he or she needs access to the training material. Today’s tablet-based options make it possible for managers to easily give that access. The worker turns on an iPad to get the information already there.


In the modern era of greater workplace collaboration, worker feedback is very important to the training process. No business would confess that it does not take its employees’ viewpoints seriously. However, some solutions do not provide a way for those employees to offer those feedback. These workers either must use email to get in touch with the training manager to voice their opinion, or just stay hushed and feel isolated. The best employee training software comes with the capability to deliver and receive messages directly attached to the particular content.

What are the mistakes that you have made or experienced with the employee training software your company uses?

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