We are thrilled to announce that Coursmos is raising the A-round investment of $3,000,000.

What does this mean?

The A-round will make it possible to create a unique and ultimate platform for both authors and students. Currently, instructors are losing both time and money by using hundreds of platforms to achieve their goals of sharing content and lessons. Students also lose valuable time by searching for knowledge from sources like Wikipedia, YouTube and various MOOC services.

Coursmos is transforming the world of learning by utilizing a single platform with the power of a hundred tools to create, share and sell knowledge online. Coursmos is also going global by localizing the platform to 27 countries and creating two mobile applications for a better, on-the-go learning experience!

We currently have investor commitments of $850,000 from Altera Investment Fund and an angel investor.

To learn more about our success and current investment round please enjoy the presentation below or visit the Coursmos’s Angel.co page!

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  • Nancy

    Sounds nice. I’ve always wanted to learn business, only never had a chance to do so.