Hiring new workers can be costly. When an employee leaves, getting a replacement and having that replacement working productively, demands recruiting and training, including onboarding processes. All of this requires money and time, which are directly invested on the new worker or indirectly on the staff that need to help out in making the new hire productive. Thus, when hires leave after the company has spent a lot of resources for his recruitment and onboarding, company profit is unavoidably affected.

New hires who are put through a long, uninteresting onboarding process may feel discontentment with their work even before they actually get up to speed. Consequently anything that simplifies or enhances the process will boost the likelihood of hires engaging and becoming productive sooner, while reducing employee turnover in the first few months of work.

Corporate training videos could play a big part in making onboarding more efficient and more interesting. Here are a few of the reasons for that:


Research has revealed that video has a more positive effect on memory retention and comprehension as compared to the printed word. However, many businesses still use training manuals to “teach” employees the skills they ought to learn before they start working. Have you ever been given 2-inch binders or thick, picture-less manuals to read?

This method requires of workers to be especially studious. However, the outcome is just the opposite: They do not learn the skills that they must have. This disheartens the new hire, who end up by feeling that he would rather leave than becoming engaged. Corporate training videos do not merely minimize new employees’ need to read about skills, but additionally enhance the quality of learning. And hires become productive sooner.


Think about this circumstance: A keen hire comes for work on his first day at a local store. He enters through the front door and find a sparkling showroom beckoning him to work enthusiastically. For his onboarding he is escorted through the shop towards the back stockroom – a training room without windows!!

How will the new hire feel? His first impression is that of being in a dungeon. Watching corporate training videos on a tablet, lessen – if it does not completely do away with – the negative effects of this situation. Hires can be trained and undergo onboarding on the floor, in break rooms, or even prior to coming for work on the first day. On top of that, corporate training on a Surface or iPad demands a lot less commitment from managers and other personnel, since the videos are capable of doing most of the training necessary with less manpower.


At first glance corporate training videos may appear too rigorous. If anything has to be upgraded or revised, it may require complicated editing or a completely new video. This might have been the case with onboarding videos of the past. These were sometimes excessively produced and embarrassingly acted – which led to hires wondering what they had gotten themselves into. Currently this is no longer the case at all.

To begin with, the digital features of tablets make producing videos a much more straightforward procedure that even local managers and personnel can do. And because of this simplicity, revisions can be done more quickly and be immediately updated to your devices. This onboarding process is better since hires can always access the most recent corporate training videos at any time, anywhere.

What is the response of your new hires to your corporate training videos?

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