Research by Dale Carnegie Training has shown that 71% of workers admitted that they are not fully involved in their work. That’s way too many, and bad for business!

Successful worker training programs are an excellent means to raise productivity and to better engage workers. For multi-location organisations wanting to provide such training, it can be a challenge. Can you be certain all your workers are discovering the exact same things — and at he same degree of competence? If something doesn’t work at one branch, are other branches in remote towns notified? This may seem like a challenge, but it can be done with the correct approach and innovative solutions.

Here are some ways in which employee training programs can be utilised across multiple locations:

Start Using Tablets!

Increasingly, businesses are applying tablet computer technology to their worker training programs.

Especially video content (but also on iPad or Surface) is more readily absorbed by workers. Tablets are saving companies a lot of money. Instead of the expense of printing and shipping out the content and then using storage space at the receiving offices, that content can merely be uploaded to, and automatically synced onto devices at almost no cost.

Uniform Training Content

One of the difficult challenges in employee training programs for multiple branches, is ensuring consistency among all the stores. Customers of a chain food provider are looking for the same price and same taste of the same dish. If one branch fails to do this, it reflects negatively on all the other branches

Companies can ensure such consistency by providing excellent training content via tablet-based technology to each store and ensuring that it is correctly learned and implemented.

Live Training

Tablet technology takes training to a higher level. It is also much more convenient than printed material. A worker, even on days off, in the field or on the road, can “attend” a conference call or a video meeting. Workers on the job can compare video content with what they are actually working on. Any problem on the job can be visually recorded and questions can be asked directly.

National Cooperation

With possibly many workers across the country learning the exact same content, there certainly will be views, concerns, and questions. Interactional pill options enable this comment to be delivered back to co-workers at other shops, but also to corporate. Workers at another place may have the option if a part of training is working at one place. Because changes to pill-based training content are not difficult to make, upgrades are easily sent to the proper workers across the whole business. This degree of cooperation removes much of the red tape occasionally encountered when attempting to get empowers workers to be part of the procedure instead of merely a cog in the machine, as well as a question answered.

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