Do you love your job like I do? Because, I really love my job & I work with pleasure!

The secret is quite simple – I feel comfortable in my work, not only at my workplace but also in doing tasks, communicating with colleagues and solving problems. All of our processes are simple and comfortable, which creates a real pleasure in my work.

To help you learn how to enjoy and find pleasure in your work, I’ve prepared seven steps that will help launch you on the right path! I’m keeping it simple, so let’s begin!

1. Create your perfect day. 

First thing’s first: imagine your perfect day at work. What makes you comfortable and calm at your workplace? Think of specific processes and tasks that you enjoy. Trust me, it’s not that hard. Try to imagine every single moment of your work day from coffee breaks to meetings and more! This will help you clarify what your perfect day actually is!

2. Plan your tasks. Use paper.

I plan my tasks every week as well as every morning. Using a notepad (a real one, made from paper!) and a pen, I spend about 5 to 10 minutes planning my week and each day. This step is all about writing down important tasks and meetings so that I don’t forget anything, nor do I lose focus and peace of mind! Also, as I physically write my tasks on paper, I remember and envision them much better than just making a mental checklist. What’s the best part? As I finish or complete a task on my list, I cross it off, a real pleasure and reward for getting things done!

3. Have a spare time. 

Some refer to spare time as amortization time, which better describes it in my opinion. The main idea here is to leave a few spare hours in your schedule each day. This helps you avoid losing your mind and focus when something unexpected occurs. Since you already had this time set aside or “planned,” you allow yourself the freedom to do these important tasks in your “spare” time because you’ve proactively kept your schedule from being ruined. Pretty cool, right?

4. Delegate some tasks to other people

If you have employees, delegating tasks is an absolute must. You simply can’t do everything by yourself so you have to learn to trust your team and employees. If you try to do everything on your own, you will fail not only yourself but your team as well in mismanaging your workload and your priorities.

 5. Create time for the most important tasks first

You will always have more important and less important tasks on your to-do lists. Always try to finish the most important and most time-consuming tasks first and, as you are completing them, focus on them as much as possible. Just imagine that sweet feeling and pleasure of finishing the task and checking it off your list! Also, by getting these tasks out of the way first, you’ll have even more time and energy because your other tasks will look smaller and easier in comparison!

6. Learn to say NO

You don’t have to do everything that people ask you to do. If your boss is asking then, of course, you should take heed and follow your responsibilities. However, you shouldn’t be a multi-purpose assistant for your colleagues. Learning to say “no” not only allows you to set boundaries, it increases your personal productivity as well as earns you respect from others.

7. Don’t procrastinate

If you have a quick task that you know will only take a few minutes to finish, then do it as soon as possible. Don’t put it off, just do it! By spending a few minutes focusing on the project, you’ll finish it faster than you imagine. In fact, all of your day is made up of small tasks as even bigger tasks can be broken down into smaller parts. By learning to do the smaller tasks without putting them off, your productivity will explode!

I hope these seven simple steps will help you finally find enjoyment and pleasure in your work. Remember, enjoy and love your work to stay truly happy!

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