Some businesses believe that this expense is an excellent investment – that trained workers are assets that drive gains and growth. If there were a means to reduce that expenses and still be successful, wouldn’t that raise gains more? Wouldn’t turning to free corporate training make more sense than spending so much?

The problem runs much deeper than free versus expensive, although on the surface, the response would appear to be yes. If the quality of training endures, free can turn out to be quite expensive in the long term—firms don’t need productivity to endure just to save several dollars educating their workers to do their jobs the right manner. Also, a number of these free training paths aren’t harmonious with the latest technology that’s revolutionising the manner workers learn. The bottom line: A move is generally not worth it, and here are a few reasons why:

Delivery Is a Challenge

In order to be utilised, free corporate training content must first reach workers. This isn’t a problem if every worker has a business email address whereby you’ll be able to send attachments and links. Also, with e-mails and free content, there’s absolutely no method to ascertain if the link and/or files have really been opened and viewed.

No two businesses are alike, so the ways in which their workers are trained would also differ. The results of inconsistent corporate training is that workers will apply the information in various and differing ways. With the present wave of corporate training options, circulating and creating tailored content is easy.

Poor Results

Tracking how effective free corporate training material is, can be difficult if it has not been customized. Who is to blame when productivity suffers? The workers or the training? Even when metrics are excluded, free corporate training materials fall short. When workers don’t understand, like or ignore the materials, the dollars that the companies have hoped to save, becomes zero. Organisations are better off selecting advanced training solutions that provide stuff that are dynamic in simple-to-use up formats. How to solve the the problem is obvious: Innovative training solutions that deliver materials that are dynamic and easily absorbed.

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