Studies support the fact that worker training is essential. For instance, one research revealed that businesses spending $1,500 for employee training had a 24 percent higher gross income compared to those that spent $125 only.

However, to get these results, it is necessary to have effective employee training techniques. Merely providing a printed guide to workers is not enough to achieve the marked results. Employee training software can’t just lower the training expense, but it can also produce more remarkable results. Having a good ROI will justify the clever use of employee training software.

Here are a few things you need to take into account to measure the ROI of employee training software:

Think about the Savings of Going Digital

You need storage space like bookshelves and/or a room to store printed training content. Additionally, you need paper, ink and printer if you publish the materials locally. If the materials are published by a third party, you need to add delivery fees as well. Safe disposal of the printed content also require additional costs like shredding services.

Using employee training software removes all the extra expenses. Moreover, with the availability of collaboration tools and mobile devices, there’s no need to purchase many desktop computers. Employees can simply use an iPad to access the training.

Calculate the Cost Of Replacing A Worker

Employee turnover is on the rise and so is the cost of replacing workers. Companies need to spend time and money to select new employees, conduct onboarding, and train new employees. Some duties may not be performed or some employees must be paid for overtime work to fill in the jobs needing a replacement worker. It would also take time for the new hire to become efficient in doing his job.

Worker training software is a proven tool for effectively teaching workers to do their jobs soonest. It helps to make employees become adept, and stay long in their current position. When you have computed the cost of employee turnover, you can now compute how much is the ROI of employee training software.

Predicting Productivity

Well-trained workers are obviously more effective than poorly trained people. When a worker can do a job in half the time other workers do, that clearly shows a big advantage for your company. Using a training software helps to develop the skill sets the employees need to be more productive and succeed in their job.

Faster, More profitable Rollouts

Businesses spend lots of time and money just to launch a brand new service or product in the market. Once created, the company rolls out the product or service immediately. The sooner that is done, the faster it can become successful or adjusted.

A training software enhances the rollout procedure by training the employees to do the job correctly and fast. It becomes less likely for the employee to bumble around and learn about the product or service.

Furthermore, the iPad can be taken to the place where the employees will be rolling-out the product. If there’s any problem, the employees may shoot a video and send it to the main office for review so that the company can collaborate to work out the issues.

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