Research shows that the training per employee costs around $1,208 each. At 31.5 hours training each employee, this expenditure amounts to $26 per training hour.

This means companies need to get as much as possible results from their investment in training. This benefits are provided by the use of corporate training videos used with tablet-based technology. In this way componaies may easier obtain the ROI so sought after. This revolutionary approach enables organizations to efficiently teach workers the skills they need — and ensure that the learning sticks. Here are a few reasons why corporate training videos can be so significant for businesses with multiple branches:

Distribution is Easy

Distributing written training materials can be difficult and expensive, especially for the larger multi-branched companies. Even in DVD form, the materials must be downloaded and physically distributed.

However, incorporating the material in tablet-based technology with push-and-pull procedures, greatly simplifies the distribution of videos material. By a mere few clicks files cent and automatically synced to the relevant tablets – even to devices switched off or asleep.

Better Learning

There’s no demand for discussion: All studies provided proof beyond debate that workers learn better from corporate video material than from written content. Printed materials are open to interpretation. Ten individuals may understand written content in as many ways, whereas video training material leaves very little room for misinterpretation. This improved way of learning gets workers up to speed quicker while ensuring nothing is misunderstood.

Consistent Worldwide Training

Uniformity is always an issue for businesses with many widespread locations. Every outlet has to do things exactly the same way that other branches are doing it. Customers want their favourite to taste the same way – not strangely different. It goes without saying that workers at one location may find a better way for doing a specific job . Tablet Computer technology enables such improved processes to be easily communicated throughout the company. Videos can be edited and the improved version to be uploaded to computers across the organization, and the relevant workers given proper notice of the upgrade.

Productivity is Stepped Up

Better productivity will result from these better training methods, improved learning and consistency of content. Training will consume less time while delivering better results. Workers will be able to apply what they have learned sooner. Taken together, you cannot afford to ignore all these benefits for the company.

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