When customers learn to increase the efficiency of the technology solutions they have invested in, they become loyal clients to the merchandise. Better training helps make the consumers better technology users, and subsequently they become more willing to pay for the vendor’s technology. The essential step is getting clients to accept it at the outset.

Students are reluctant to devote money and time to instructor-led training sessions. These classes take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, but the learning retention is very little. Once they return to work they’re just a little better at using technology.

The upfront cost of getting subscription-based, self-paced learning is much less. Yet it enables the user to gain access to resources at a time and situation when he needs them. That’s why companies are more and more shifting to self-paced training rather than classroom-based learning.

How to Switch to Self-Paced Learning

Consider one example: one cloud virtualization technology company offered their clients self-paced learning, which led to the clients having a better learning experience through using the technology. The clients became all the more loyal to the company and paid for more services.

The company actually produced more revenue by providing self-paced training. Instead of teacher-led training, the virtualization company offered quality, self-paced learning to their customers. Learners got subscription access to learning resources, including online training resources, videos, and other documentation, in addition to a virtual laboratory access to let them learn by doing things.

Students may sign in when and wherever they would like to learn new procedures. The virtualization company’s revenue was reported to reach multi-million dollars as a result.

Three Keys to Achieve Success in Using Subscription-Based Self-Paced Learning:

To replicate this company’s achievement in providing customer training and growing income, here are three important guidelines:

Seamless Learning Experience

Ensure that the student has a seamless experience. Business customers purchasing subscription licenses want a smooth and spontaneous learning experience with features like single sign-on-access to all of the resources, no matter what file type. Companies must provide this kind of training, using an all-in-one portal that supports synchronized distribution of updated content.

Timeous and relevant content

Individuals subscribed to self-paced learning must be able to gain access to the content when needed. Businesses should ensure that students can use the platform at any time, with or without internet connectivity.

Protected intellectual property

Security is a vital element of monetizing any self-paced learning system. The business should be able to safeguard training resources by monitoring access and limiting use to subscribers only.

When executed properly, the shift to using self-paced learning as an alternative to classroom learning ,will benefit both customers and providers. This is obviously the first step to the next level of improvement in the learning and development that professionals are seeking.

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