Educational technology is everywhere nowadays! There is a good reason behind the increased popularity of EdTech tools: they make the learning and writing process easier for both students and teachers. Although it seems that math gets all the love in the EdTech world, you can also find awesome tools that will help you go through the process of writing academic papers. To save you from the effort of searching through the sea of available writing tools, we will rank the most efficient resources in the list below.

1. MyAccess!

This resource (targeted towards middle-school students) provides over 1,300 writing topics from different areas, including social studies, language arts, science and math. The best part is that the writing process is transformed into a fun interactive experience that enables you to get immediate feedback on the content you completed.

2. NinjaEssays

If you face serious difficulties with a certain assignment, then you need the help of real professional writers, researchers and editors. Relying on automated tools doesn’t always result with the expected outcome; but the assistance of the experts at this website will definitely help you submit flawless content regardless of the topic that got you confused.

3. WriteToLearn

The name of this tool reveals its purpose: students should not focus on learning to write, but on writing to learn. The writing process can be approached as a learning experience that discovers a whole new world of potential for the student. The flexible writing assessment tools and instructions provided at the website will help you start building writing skills from the basis.

4. LightSide

This tool is designed to help its users rely on text-mining technology for different purposes. You can use that feature for easy writing assessment. Although the feedback you receive through this tool is automated and cannot be as effective as the support by a real editor, LightSide still provides you with useful advice on how to improve the quality of your academic content.

5. Newsela

The best way to learn how to write better papers is to read good content on daily basis. When you are too tired to read a book, you can get the needed dose of reading through Newsela – a website that publishes student-friendly news that’s easy and fun to read.

6. StudySync

When you develop a studious approach to reading and critical thinking, your papers will immediately become better. StudySync is a tool that will provide the needed support throughout the process. The impressive digital library of nonfiction and fiction Common Core resources is a great place to start your journey towards improved critical thinking skills.

7. Dragon Dictation

When you want to save valuable time and catch an urgent submission deadline, Dragon Dictation can be your savior. This iPad app enables you to dictate the content and get it ready faster in the form of text. You can also use this tool to take notes on the go, so you’ll capture all ideas associated to the upcoming project.

8. Evernote

Academic writing is closely linked to note-taking. There is no other app that makes the process of capturing ideas easier than Evernote. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you need to write ideas, plans and updates about your project.

9. WriteRoom

Forget about Microsoft Word, it’s too distracting and complicated to use. When you switch to WriteRoom, you will realize how inspiring the blank screen can be. As soon as you enter the distraction-free environment of WriteRoom, you will be able to focus on the paper and give proper direction to your thinking patterns.

10. Popplet

Popplet is the most awesome mind-mapping and story-planning app you could possibly use. Thanks to this platform, you can record your ideas and develop them into a cool story that will form the foundation of your creative writing assignments.

Now that you have the best online resources that can make your academic writing assignments more inspiring, it’s time to start exploring them. It won’t take much effort for you to get used to implementing technology tools into the process of writing!

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