If you entered the workplace in the late 20th century at a particular time, you might recall training videos you saw on your first day or week at work.

Change is unavoidable, and the VCR-established training systems are antiquated compared with now. Now, tablet technology such as the Surface and the iPad, is driving corporate training processes.

The Key Is Efficiency

In the present corporate and economical situation inefficiency is both frustrating and costly. To put it simply, businesses don’t dare squander valuable resources – including those devoted to training tasks. Tablet Computer training streamlines the whole learning process. And instead of attempting to memorize a diagram on the best way to roll out a new product, workers can view a video on the floor of the exact same procedure, rewinding and pausing as needed to ensure they get it right.

Preceding Systems Are not Overly Cheap

Imagine a training room full of various corporate training stuff and binders, with every procedure an employee might have to learn. Imagine the cost of having to print that entire content, including the upgrades that replace previous versions. And it’s not only printed content that gets pricey — antiquated learning management systems cost a lot to store and additionally lose their ROI as time passes. Converting eLearning initiatives to the iPad saves cash and, in the end, optimizes efficiency.

A Fresh Worker Generation

As Millennials start to flood the workplace, they’re going to request – even demand – technology that fits their skill sets and which they’re comfortable with. Tablet computer training will be an immediate hit with this younger generation of workers— a generation that do not mind reading longer content on a display and learning more by viewing video than listening to lectures.

Own Devices

Millennial are used to modern technologies and often favour using their own technology. This can develop into “BYOD”(Bring Your Own Device). This may save the company money and at the same time the workers are empowered.

The Future Is Both Collaborative and Interactive

Corporate training is prevalently seen as managers lecturing, workers learning and few questions asked. This strategy is slowly losing favour because interactive, collaborative strategies are becoming more efficient and far better. By offering strong communication tools, tablet-based training champions this new thinking. Workers can ask questions and offer comments, and trainers and managers can supply compliments and responses.

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