If you’re wondering why to study abroad at any of the many international universities you can choose from, you should get to know the study abroad pros. You will find that studying abroad will benefit you not just during college, but also afterward when it’s time to find a job. No matter where you choose to study abroad, you can look forward to the following advantages.

1. Learn About Another Culture

One of the best study abroad pros is the ability to experience another culture. You might be surprised to see how differently people live in other countries, even if you happen to speak the same language. If you cannot decide where to study abroad, think about your own heritage. If you have an Irish background, for example, you could choose to go to Ireland to study abroad so you can find out a little more about your ancestry.

2. Become Fluent in Another Language

If you choose to study abroad in a country of people who don’t speak your language, you can expect to learn a new language pretty fast. Of course, it’s helpful to know the basics of the language in the country in which you study abroad, or at least have a dictionary that you can reference when necessary. But you’ll likely find that immersing yourself in another language for months will ensure you quickly become pretty fluent.

3. Impress Future Employers

Students who have studied abroad in college often stand out to employers. After all, only a small percentage of students get the chance to study in another country, and many employers find that such people are more creative and open minded than usual. In addition, when you study abroad, you show that you are interested in other cultures, which is important in a world that is increasingly global. If you happen to pick up some new language skills, you’ll be even more valuable to many employers. Plus, your job prospects improve when you can look for employment in more than one country.

Where to Study Abroad?

If these reasons to study abroad have you excited to get started on the process, the next step is to decide which country you should go to. If you still don’t know where to study abroad, consider the international universities that are most popular among students from all countries. They include:

  • the National University of Singapore,
  • the University of Geneva,
  • the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne).





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