Holiday season is a crucial time, and retailers must maximise their productivity during this period. Employees must be well-trained for this time. video training offers immediate benefits. Watching training videos is an easy, effective way to train workers what they need to know during the busy season.

Here are a few reasons why video is crucial for your holiday season worker training strategy:

Workers in Different Roles

Seasoned, flexible floor workers are precious during the holiday season —shops might want them to set their versatility to use in other sections to perform other responsibilities. Such a job swap at any other time of the year might happen slowly, with supervisors and other workers directing the procedure. During the holidays, shops don’t only have the time for the skill or drawn-out training sessions to pull other workers off their own tasks for long. A worker training strategy which includes video solves this predicament.

Casual Workers During Holidays

A regular employee training strategy might contain many components, including education on every facet, an HR presentation on employee benefits, and an introduction to the tasks a worker may have to perform. Video training on tablet computers easily instructs vacation workers beforehand on the skills they want in as little time as possible, thereby enabling them to hit the floor, fully prepared and increase the shop’s total productivity.


Quality retail workers are so important that you don’t want to tuck them away in the rear of the shop to learn a procedure or a process. A worker training strategy that features video enables workers to take their abilities onto the floor, where they’re needed. As an example, if an intricate flooring display has to be assembled, what’s the better means of reaching this aim? Reading and remembering teachings off an e-mail shown on a supervisor’s desktop computer, or viewing a video on an iPad at the precise place where the work is? The latter gets the job done more correctly and faster — significant characteristics of a successful retail holidays.

Improvement Training

Time is tight during the vacations, as mentioned. Time is money. Productivity can be facilitated by the use of video in an employee training strategy by supporting workers when it is convenient to view content. Moreover, training videos can be viewed by workers on their own tablets. Imagine seasonal workers who are prepared because they’ve already seen all the training videos needed in their work on Day 1.

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