There are great benefits in social media and learning. It is learning without water wings or floatation devices and it’s got no start, intermediate or finish.

Individuals can begin with social networking and utilize it as a personal learning channel. You can see excellent items published in timelines nowadays. They are totally random items but possess some benefit. If you do it right, learning will find you.

There is a lot of learning to be found. You’ll maybe skip a lot of it and often you may not find what you’re actually searching for. However, consider what it was like with pre-social technologies. Reading publications, attending courses, conversing with people and teachers are all legitimate learning techniques and some are fairly energizing.

The Energy in Learning

However, social media can get you jumping up from your chair or nodding as you read a fantastic bit of insight that is blogged or recommended in a post. That is Incredible. That energy could not be duplicated by any other type of learning. Of course, you can get pumped up when attending a conference of some great speakers. An excellent training session may also have you punching air.

Having energy in learning is an underestimated friend for making learning effective. It is the key to finding excellent information and insight that sticks and becomes wisdom ready to be utilized for newfound abilities.

Energy-zapping learning situations do not benefit anyone. That includes extremely long programs, boring presentations at meetings, Naff e-learning, dull coaching talk and repetitive books.

But check out these sites or apps. Try to get in the game of checking a social network feed; clicking on the links; bookmarking content; writing stuff into Evernote; adding a link onto StumbleUpon; checking your Flipboard magazine; checking up on Reddit; reading a thread from Feedly. You don’t need all of them. Just check out some of them.

Social media has A LOT of learning channels to offer. And not just content, you also get connections; the chance to create items you like to produce and find the elements you wish to research and study.

I don’t actually make use of big G to search anymore. I jump into my Twitter or onto Google+ to find out what people are up to, not what Adwords believes I ought to know.

So it’s about time to change your learning methods – not only for the benefit of following the trend or going 100% digital. It’s about taking advantage of the abundance and experiencing the power that comes from social learning.

About social learning, Aristotle said “the energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Be social! Learn! And feel the energy.

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